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Master Jedi Consular

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PostSubject: POST YOUR APPLICATION   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:40 am

Please copy/paste this to use for your application.

1) How many hours are you willing to spend on SWTOR everyday?

Average per week?

2) Where are you from?


3) What class are you planning to play?

5) What and how should we call you?

By your real life name. – Tell us if you don’t mind. If you're worried about public view, let us know once you're accepted.

By your in-game name.

6) Please list the following in order that suits you the best.

GvG - Fortress Siege/Raid
Role playing

7) How can we contact you? We’ll be contacting you when SWTOR is near release to reserve a spot in the guild for you.

8.) Age?

9) Previous MMORPG experience? Please list your previous games, levels, classes and a brief paragraph/sentence on why did you play those MMORPGs.

10) What do you expect when you join our guild?

11) What will you offer to the guild?

12) Communication

Do you have Ventrilo?
Do you have a Headset or a Microphone?

13) What do you prefer?

Solo gameplay - Solo grind your way up and only party when necessary.
Party gameplay - Party with your fellow guildmates on everything.
Both - Doesn't matter. I can solo and party anytime.

14) What do you prefer?

Grinding. If you chose grinding, we expect you to be able to constantly grind.
Questing. If you chose questing, we'll be assuming you only like to quest your way up to level.
Both. If you chose both, we'll be assuming you'll do quest if it's available and grind the rest.
15) How needy are you? (How often you ask for help? Do you demand help? Ask help often?)

16) Do you have any friends that are going to play SWTOR with you?

17) List your referrals if you have any.

You will be notified of your application status as soon as we review it.



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