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 Reactivating SWG till SWTOR!

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Force Sensitive

PostSubject: Reactivating SWG till SWTOR!   Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:16 am

Well i couldnt resist the temptation anylonger i blame it on Yamcha[demon], i finally have taken in the last assualt from blizzard and deciding wow is no longer a game i intend to play the fun of the game has just been sucked out for me. and ive did a few few trails of swg, its not the game it was but its still fun so im reactivating my old account and was wondering these things

Anyone still play swg?
What Server?
Why not everyone reactivate and lets take advantage of the free character server transfers! rawr Razz

well wether im joined or not its time to reconnect with Star Wars wash the Warcraft outa my system, Razz and collect on 5 years of goodies, oh and yamcha bet i can still kick your butt mister jedi knight =0
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Reactivating SWG till SWTOR!
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