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 Demonhunter72 Application! :)

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Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive

PostSubject: Demonhunter72 Application! :)   Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:52 pm

1) How many hours are you willing to spend on SWTOR everyday?
I can play everyday after school (I'm 16) and on days I don't work which means I will be playing a lot~ probably 3 hours at least during the week and like not too sure about weekends, varies a lot depending on friends.

2) Where are you from?
I'm a 16 year old white male from South Africa but I currently live in New Zealand.

3) What class are you planning to play?
Definitely NOT a Jedi or Sith(as my main) ~ I like the shooter classes but I will probably have a Jedi as my alt but mainly play as a healer Smile

5) What and how should we call you?
By my in game name or on the site just call me Wes Smile

6) Please list the following in order that suits you the best.
I actually like everything... I don't mind

GvG - Fortress Siege/Raid
Role playing

7) How can we contact you? We’ll be contacting you when SWTOR is near release to reserve a spot in the guild for you.
Just email me or like talk on vent or what ever chat the guild system uses

8.) Age?
16 (Hope it's not too young)

9) Previous MMORPG experience? Please list your previous games, levels, classes and a brief paragraph/sentence on why did you play those MMORPGs.

LOTRO 53 Lore-Master
WoW Level 70 priest! FTW! Smile
WAR quit it cuz its so crap!
Aion got a level 18 but then I stopped playing... Dunno why... I just wanna play SWTOR... lost the feeling for all other games! Sad

10) What do you expect when you join our guild?
NICE PEOPLE! thats the main thing!!! and then just raids pvp and like team work. I hope there are no rude ppl in the guild :/

11) What will you offer to the guild?
HEALING Smile w/e you ask of me. I don't mind helping others (I actually enjoy it) and i'll erm? help the guild get mats or save up for whatever... anything really...

12) Communication

Do you have Ventrilo? Yes~
Do you have a Headset or a Microphone? Yes~

13) What do you prefer?

Solo gameplay - Solo grind your way up and only party when necessary. Sometimes...
Party gameplay - Party with your fellow guildmates on everything. Yes
Both - Doesn't matter. I can solo and party anytime. Probably both, I really don't mind. I think party is nicer cuz of playing with friends which makes u feel better and not like alone.

14) What do you prefer?

Grinding. If you chose grinding, we expect you to be able to constantly grind. Don;t mind
Questing. If you chose questing, we'll be assuming you only like to quest your way up to level. Don't mind
Both. If you chose both, we'll be assuming you'll do quest if it's available and grind the rest. Both
15) How needy are you? (How often you ask for help? Do you demand help? Ask help often?)
I don't know :O I can manage on my own~ I won't bother anyone~ I don't usually ask for help except when im like at a raid place getting ppl together then I ask ppl if they wanna join.

16) Do you have any friends that are going to play SWTOR with you?
Yes! My brother Smile and another friend, We would all like to get into one guild~ so i'm applying 1st seeing that i'm the youngest and if I get accepted.

17) List your referrals if you have any.
Well im not gonna write their names here... I'm not sure if they'll approve. I got 2 so... they'll aply later.
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Master Jedi Consular
Master Jedi Consular

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PostSubject: Re: Demonhunter72 Application! :)   Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:07 pm

Hey there Wes, thank you for applying Smile. Your application looks ok to me Smile. So Accepted Smile.

Remember with yor age, you are the lowest age group we accept, unless special reasonings. So make sure to show us your mature, and respectful Smile and I garuntee you will meet nice people here Smile.

Thanks for applying.

*Referrals, u can list there names it doesnt matter to much Smile.

Leon, Guild Leader


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Master Jedi Consular
Master Jedi Consular

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PostSubject: Re: Demonhunter72 Application! :)   Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:09 pm

Welcome aboard Wes. I hope to get to know you a little better once SWToR comes out. If you use msn messenger you can add me to your friends list kaeliegh@live.com . You do know that they raised the level cap to 80 with WotLK for WoW right? Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Demonhunter72 Application! :)   

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Demonhunter72 Application! :)
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