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 The Covenant info.

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PostSubject: The Covenant info.   Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:19 am

The Covenant

"We are Decendents of Jedi in the Secret Society known as "The Covenant"

Hiding from the Sith Empire for so long, watching our friends and neighbors die. We "The Covenant" are coming out of hiding. We have sat back long enough watching the Sith rule over the Galaxy.

Guild ObjectiveWe are going to be a PVE/PVP Guild. We will be working together, to destroy the Sith. Watching one anothers backs, as we fight out way to the top of being 1 of the best Republic guilds out there. We will show no mercy. We will be communicating on our Guild website here . We will be using Ventrilo, "which is an online chat with a microphone".

Being in the GuildBeing a member of our Guild, is like being in a big family. We are here to help out 1 another, yet learn from each other. Making sure everyone gets loot, exp, and building friendship. If your good at PVE, and not so good at PVP. We will be happy to help you get better. We love to bring new members into the Guild. I love to personally chat with each and every member to see there Opinion on the Guild. Making sure they are happy, and arent having problems. When there is a problem I wish everyone to bring it to me so we can settle it with no problems. I dont like taking sides, I just want everyone to stay happy and enjoy the game.

RecruitingDuring recruiting, I normally like to talk to the member, and ask them a few questions, as well as we ask you to post an application. Once I start getting some moderators in the Guild. I will have them do the same. I like to have my members bring in friends, and people they talk to. We will be recruiting all classes as well. Being active is very important, I think the more you are on and active. The Better friends, and knowledge you will have. I look for good leadership in all my members as well.

We are still sorta small, but every guild starts small and grows as a family. We will show the Sith who is stronger.

"We will show the Elite Power of The Covenant and never be a secret again"

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The Covenant


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The Covenant info.
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