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 Application - Jadrian - Smuggler for Hire

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PostSubject: Application - Jadrian - Smuggler for Hire   Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:31 pm

1) How many hours are you willing to spend on SWTOR everyday?

Weekdays? 4-6 hrs per day
Weekends? 6+ per day
Average per week? 30-40 hrs

2) Where are you from? Florida, USA

Timezone? EST
Country/Region? USA

3) What class are you planning to play? Smuggler

4) What and how should we call you? You can either call me by my in-game name (Jadrian) or my RL name (Chris)

5) Please list the following in order that suits you the best.


6) How can we contact you? We’ll be contacting you when SWTOR is near release to reserve a spot in the guild for you.
email me or contact me through the forum via PM

7.) Age? 27

Cool Previous MMORPG experience? I'll list the games I played longest, however, do note that I have extensive experience in most major MMOs and many minor ones as well.

Star Wars Galaxies - lvl 90 - Smuggler Played since launch until the NGE and have been on and off since then but my last time subbing will probably be my last. The game really feels dead now.

World of Warcraft - 3x lvl 80 Death Knights - 1x lvl 80 warlock - 1x lvl 80 paladin - 1x lvl 60 shaman - 1x lvl 64 druid - 1x lvl 62 rogue and multiple lower lovel alts. I was a hardcore raider from launch through the beginning of WoTLK then I got bored with it and stopped raiding altogether. Shortly after I ended my sub and haven't been back since.

Lord of the Rings Online - lvl 52 Hunter - I have a lifetime sub so I go back and play alittle whenever I have the urge but I'm not in a rush since the content I'm really anxious to get to hasn't been released yet (mordor and gondor).

Star Trek Online - lvl 45 escort officer - lvl 45 engineering officer - game is really kinda blah after lvl cap but I have a lifetime sub there too so I can't complain too much. I play with as much frequency as LOTRO. Fills in the dead time when I have no other MMOs I'm subscribing to.

Age of Conan - lvl 80 Necromancer - first necromancer to hit lvl 80 in the entire game - was in a hardcore raiding guild for over a year before launch and participated in all stages of testing. Left the guild due to insane amounts of drama resulting from RP elements of the guild clashing with hardcore PVPers in the guild.

like I said there are many more that I have played and have experience in endgame with however to list them all would take quite some time and I don't wish to bore you with the details of my experiences in "insert random F2P MMO here".

9) What do you expect when you join our guild? to be part of an online community that is focused on seeing the republic become victorious in the war against the sith empire

10) What will you offer to the guild? experience, forsight and occasional displays of witty humor

11) Communication

Do you have Ventrilo? yes
Do you have a Headset or a Microphone? yes

12) What do you prefer?

Solo gameplay - Solo grind your way up and only party when necessary.
Party gameplay - Party with your fellow guildmates on everything.
Both - Doesn't matter. I can solo and party anytime.

13) What do you prefer?

Grinding. If you chose grinding, we expect you to be able to constantly grind.
Questing. If you chose questing, we'll be assuming you only like to quest your way up to level.
Both. If you chose both, we'll be assuming you'll do quest if it's available and grind the rest.

14) How needy are you? (How often you ask for help? Do you demand help? Ask help often? I almost never ask for help. if its too hard for me to do solo I will skip it until I am a higher level to complete it. Only thing I ask for help for would be like a class quest that would be in say a dungeon instance or something that requires a group.

15) Do you have any friends that are going to play SWTOR with you? maybe they are undecided

16) List your referrals if you have any.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Jadrian - Smuggler for Hire   Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:14 am

Hello, thanks for posting your application everything looks great. I liked all of your previous experience as well, I play quite a bit myself.

Remember that since the game isn't really doing anything, we aren't doing a lot right now. Once we see word of beta, is when things will kick back up again. As you can tell we have a lot of committed players in The Covenant, and I believe you will be a great addition.

Accepted, to The Covenant, when I do another website update I will put you into our line-up.

If you are looking to be a smuggler please visit our official class thread so that I can update you within the smuggler classes. Also professor coldheart is our smuggler leader.

Add my to msn and we can chat someone, mfottoson@msn.com . If you have any questions feel free to ask.



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Application - Jadrian - Smuggler for Hire
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