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 Forum Rules "READ"!!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules "READ"!!   Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:40 am

Hey everyone, just a few different things to remember while posting, and making threads and things.

Remember, if your going to post, please make sure its a few sentences long. Not just 1 sentence, or a few words. I can understand if your anwser isnt long, but give an explaination of why u anwsered that way.

When making a thread, be sure to give it a good discripting Thread name. When making a Thread make sure it is worth making. Remember also to put the Thread in the right catagory.

If you double post, please report your thread, so I can come in and fix it. Otherwise we have to search for them to fix it.

Remember, to keep the language to a low standard. If your going to say something please say it like F**K or something maybe. Or even think of another word for it please.



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Forum Rules "READ"!!
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